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Our services

Murphy Sheanon provide a bespoke design service for all types of landscape projects. We specialise in residential landscape design, from private gardens and estates, to larger commercial multi-unit projects.  As part of our complete design service, we take projects from design conception through to construction stage. We provide full professional and technical oversight to ensure every project is executed to exceptionally high standards. 

Our values

We believe that landscape and horticulture design are intrinsically linked. We excel in creating spaces that are environmentally friendly and user orientated. Our projects uniquely fuse the structure of landscape architecture with the constantly evolving nature of horticulture, a quality that sets us apart from our peers. We pride ourselves on ensuring certainty in delivery for every client. This program certainty is reinforced by our trusted delivery partners and supply chain in every aspect of the build process.


We offer a full variety of horticultural and landscape architectural services. We specialize in residential projects which vary from one-off homes, historical estate re-establishment, planting scheme design and extend to multi-unit residential design for apartments and homes. We provide input at all points of the design process including planning (at local authority level and SHD applications) through to construction. 


In conjunction with our partner, Carragh Paving & Landscapes, we facilitate the execution of all types of landscape construction and planting. Boasting a diverse team of skilled craftsmen, including joiners, horticulturists, pavers and electricians we are delighted to recommend Carragh to our clients.


Our maintenance partner The Horticulture Company, offer packages tailored to suit the property and clients' requirements. They also carry out one off tasks which include lawn repair, arboricultural work, bulb planting, mulch application, and seasonal cleaning. Similar to the Murphy Sheanon offering, these services cater across all types of projects from small one off gardens to large multi-unit developments. 

Meet the Team

Dominick Murphy

Dominick has an extensive background in horticulture, having studied in the prestigious Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. He spent time with the OPW before branching into design and establishing the Dominic Murphy Gardens brand. With over 25 years in practice, he has become one of the most sought after horticulturist and landscape designers in the country.

Colum Sheanon

Colum graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in Landscape Architecture. He subsequently completed his MA in Landscape Urbanism in Kingston University, London, where he specialised in Sustainable Urban Drainage design. Colum’s experience lies in hard landscape design and construction.

Ken Ruane
Project Manager

Ken joined Murphy Sheanon in 2019 having studied in Landscape Design in Dublins BFEI. Ken's career was initially in IT before retraining as a Landscape Architect.

Alan Coffey
Project Manager

Alan joined Murphy Sheanon in 2018, having run his own successful garden design outfit for many years. An award winning designer in his own right, Alan brings a wealth of experience and talent.

Oscar Hussey
Project Architect

Oscar graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in
Landscape Architecture. Oscar specializes in portraying designs with quality graphics and illustration through multiple different mediums.

Rachel McDermott
Project Architect

Rachel has her BSc in Architecture from UCD. She has prior experience in small landscape projects where her enthusiasm for landscape design began but more recently is involved in a number of large scale commercial projects.

Siddharth Kalra
Project Architect

Siddharth has an undergraduate degree in architecture from India in addition to an MSc. in Urban Design & Planning from UCD. Siddharth has a wide range of experience in landscape architecture, architecture, and urban design and his specialty is in graphics and illustration with sound technical knowledge.

Emily Crawley
Office Manager

Emily has worked in both the corporate and charitable sector for a number of years and has vast experience in office and project management aswell as internal and external communications.

Cillian Cronin
Graduate Programme

We are delighted to partner with local universities to offer work experience to students and graduates to support them on their career journey.

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